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Moveworks' annual conference is back, and this year it was all about harnessing the power of generative AI to revolutionize employee support, streamline operations, and future-proof your business.

Whether joining us virtually or in-person in sunny San Jose, attendees were treated to an agenda filled with insightful keynotes, illuminating breakout sessions, and ample opportunities to network and exchange ideas with peers. From Github's early adopter story to Roblox's vision for the future of work powered by AI, our customer speakers shared invaluable lessons and real-world examples that left the audience energized and inspired.

Of course, the highlight of the event was the chance to hear directly from Moveworks' own co-founders, Bhavin Shah and Varun Singh, as they unveiled the latest advancements in the company's AI platform. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of how our unique approach to AI reasoning is empowering enterprises to unlock new levels of agility, productivity, and continuous service improvement.

If you weren't able to join us this year, don't worry — we've captured all the insights, stories, and takeaways in this comprehensive recap. Read on to discover the top trends, ideas, and solutions that are shaping the future of work with AI.

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Agentic AI is the key to the future

In the opening session, Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah set the stage for a day filled with breathtaking demos and exciting insights from industry leaders.

Welcoming leaders from across industries and geographies who are fearlessly exploring generative AI's uncharted territories, he highlighted how AI has rapidly evolved from transforming IT help desks to now transforming entire businesses.

This year, Shah emphasized, companies need to deliver real impact with generative AI, or risk losing investment. And Moveworks' AI Copilot is designed to help enterprises easily achieve just this.

A copilot, Shah explained, is a language interface providing data, answers, and workflow automations across company systems. While today's copilots improve productivity by eliminating service tickets, employees now expect much more — AI that deeply understands their queries, summarizes information from scattered sources, and takes actions autonomously.

Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah presenting at 2024. Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah presenting at 2024.

To meet these heightened expectations, Shah introduced Moveworks' groundbreaking agentic AI architecture. Unlike bolting actions onto search tools, our AI Reasoning Engine uses large language models to interpret context, plan, and adapt on the fly to deliver true outcomes through an autonomous, extensible copilot.

Shah positioned the Moveworks Copilot as the central hub connecting employees to the full power of a company's tech stack and complementary AI copilots. Before passing the mic to co-founder Varun Singh, Shah challenged the leaders in attendance to embrace this powerful, unifying AI solution to propel their organizations into the age of the copilot.

From ideas to action: the power of reasoning

The next keynote unveiled the latest advancements in the Moveworks Copilot. These innovations promise to change the way employees work by empowering them with a centralized platform for information retrieval and task automation — all powered by natural language. Gone are the days of information scattered across a dozen applications, replaced by a centralized platform powered by natural language. 

Opening the keynote, Moveworks President Varun Singh perfectly captured the audience's frustration: “For most of your professional life, you’ve heard employees complain about how they can’t find a piece of information or policy, how they miss important action items, how they are confused by a mess of applications and workflows they can barely access.”

The Moveworks Copilot tackles this challenge head-on, offering a single source of truth for employees. Using natural language, they can seamlessly find the information they need and automate next steps.

At the heart of the Copilot's magic lies its Reasoning Engine. Now equipped with GPT-4 Turbo, the most advanced LLM on the market, Moveworks’ Reasoning Engine takes user goals to the next level. It can not only understand what users are looking for, but also develop plans and execute actions to achieve those goals.  

Experiencing the agentic AI behind the Moveworks Copilot

For a taste of the Copilot's capabilities in action, Field CTO and Global Head of Presales Jake Speyer took the stage for a live demo. The audience witnessed firsthand how the Copilot can handle complex requests, making work processes smoother and faster.

Here's a breakdown of the key advancements revealed:

Reasoning Engine upgrades:

  • GPT-4 Turbo: The Copilot's Reasoning Engine received a significant boost with GPT-4 Turbo, the most advanced LLM available, translating to a more powerful search experience, improved stability, and reduced latency.
  • Global availability: Moveworks has deployed the upgraded Reasoning Engine across multiple regions, including the US, US GovCloud, Canada, EU, and Australia, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide.

Copilot enhancements:

  • Expanded content sources: New connectors bring additional content sources into the Copilot, including Box, Confluence, Sharepoint, and Google Drive, all with full permission support.
  • Enhanced summaries: Summaries are now more informative and user-friendly thanks to entity linking. Ticket IDs, profiles, and other relevant information are now directly linked within summaries.
  • Improved accuracy: Powered by GPT-4 Turbo, summaries are more accurate than ever before.
  • Personalized experience: Location-specific answers ensure a more personalized experience for users.
  • Smarter plugin selection: The Copilot's ability to select the right plugin for user requests has been improved.
  • Advanced analytics processing: The Reasoning Engine can now process large amounts of data for summary responses, particularly for analytics use cases.
  • Security focus: Moveworks prioritizes user safety. The Copilot now implements checks for inappropriate content, including prompt leaks, toxic content, and malicious inputs, in both user queries and Reasoning Engine outputs.

Creator Studio updates:

  • Created with developer productivity in mind: Our new v2 API editor allows developers to import API information directly from tools like Postman, saving valuable time.
  • Simplified plugin selection: New tools help generate API labels, simplifying plugin selection and input for the reasoning engine.
  • Enhanced security: OAuth 2.0 support and improved logs bolster security and auditability for developers.
  • Faster iteration: A new development mode allows for faster use case iteration without impacting production logs or analytics.
  • Orchestrated workflows: Developers can now chain multiple use cases together to create complex workflows triggered by a query or initial action.

Empowering governance:

  • New analytics capabilities: Moveworks provides a single pane of glass view into employee interactions with the Copilot through new usage insights. A data API with BI-specific connectors is coming soon.
  • App digests: A new app digests feature allows app and service owners to subscribe to regular notifications on employee interactions.
  • Moveworks Setup: This all-new system offers admins complete control over configuration and management of the Moveworks Copilot. Pre-configured roles facilitate governance within teams.
  • Unified login experience: A unified login streamlines access across all Moveworks admin tools, from setup and analytics to Creator Studio and Knowledge Studio.

Building a strong community:

  • Moveworks community: Moveworks recognizes the importance of a strong developer community. The growing Moveworks Community provides a vibrant space for developers to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each other.
  • Developer certifications: Moveworks empowers the developer community with a series of certifications specifically designed to enhance their skills in building powerful applications.
Moveworks President Varun Singh presenting at 2024. Moveworks President Varun Singh presenting at 2024.

Moveworks Copilot’s 2024 roadmap

The Moveworks.Global keynote offered a glimpse into the future of the Moveworks Copilot. Here’s a quick recap of the upcoming features and enhancements planned for the next year.

Enterprise Search

Extensive infrastructure upgrades are paving the way for the Copilot to connect to a vast array of data sources and applications. Imagine searching seamlessly across all your business systems — that's the future of Moveworks Copilot search.

As such, we are introducing a three-pronged approach to search:

  • Crawling and indexing content directly from your source systems, ensuring all your critical information is readily available.
  • Live search within content systems using their own search APIs, providing immediate results without ever leaving the application you're already in.
  • Custom search via queries built using Creator Studio, allowing you to tailor the search experience to your specific needs.

With dozens of new content connectors in the works and plans to support a wider range of content types than ever before, the Moveworks Copilot is on track to become the undisputed champion of enterprise search, offering a truly comprehensive search experience.

Plugin Template Library

Creator Studio is also getting a significant upgrade, making it even easier for developers to build powerful applications for the Moveworks Copilot. A brand new Plugin Template Library is on the way, acting as a one-stop shop for discovering pre-built plugins. 

This Plugin Template Library is the first and largest LLM template repository for the enterprise. It will enable developers to discover and deploy new LLM use cases with the click of a button, such as checking calendars and booking time with colleagues, all via chat.

By making every use case, every workflow, and every automation available in the Template Library, developers will be able to pursue their automation ideas faster than ever — extending the power of the Moveworks Copilot as a result.

Moveworks is also streamlining the development process by introducing native workflows within Creator Studio. This approach eliminates the need for third-party automation platforms, allowing developers to connect the Copilot directly to target systems with ease. 

Finally, Creator Studio's three workspaces – Queries, Paths, and Events –  will be consolidated into a single workspace to simplify the development experience and offer developers greater flexibility and control over building use cases for the Moveworks Copilot.

A smarter Moveworks Copilot

The Moveworks Copilot is getting even smarter and more productive with a range of new features. What we’re calling “Talk to a File” eliminates the need to spend hours sifting through lengthy documents. Simply upload a file and ask the Copilot questions, whether you need a quick summary or specific details.

Another productivity booster is the upcoming integration with Google calendars. Manage your schedule with natural language commands — find meeting times, review your week, or schedule with a colleague, all hands-free. 

The Copilot is also addressing critical user needs with Direct Quotes and Live Answers. Direct Quotes allows users to mark specific content that must be presented verbatim by the Copilot, ensuring accuracy for legal and compliance teams. 

Finally, Live Answers expands the Copilot's knowledge base beyond internal content and workflows. It can now tap into real-world knowledge and public sources to answer your questions, reducing the need for a massive internal knowledge base.

Copilot for Web

Last but not least — Singh provided a sneak peek at Moveworks Copilot for Web, a personalized web application designed to streamline how employees access information and complete tasks. Think of a one-stop shop that combines search functionality, access to essential services, and personalized notifications — that's the power of Copilot for Web.

Here's a preview of what Copilot for Web will offer:

  • Intuitive assistant mode: This familiar chat interface allows users to interact with the Copilot using natural language. A scrolling prompt library will showcase the Copilot's capabilities, guiding users on how to get the most out of it.
  • Personalized daily feed: Stay up-to-date with what matters. This dedicated feed displays important announcements, approval requests, ticket updates, and even proactive notifications created using Creator Studio.
  • Advanced search powered by AI: The search mode leverages generative AI to provide informative summaries and advanced filtering options. Find exactly what you need quickly and efficiently.

Moveworks Copilot for Web promises to be a game-changer, offering a centralized hub for search, services, and notifications — all powered by the magic of generative AI.

Transforming the enterprise: insights from a next-gen copilot early adopter

In the next session, Kyle Daigle, COO of GitHub, shared how he and his team are extending the benefits provided by solutions like their very own GitHub Copilot to all employees — not just coders. 

After witnessing their product's transformative impact, with developers becoming 55% faster, staying in their workflow 73% of the time, and feeling more fulfilled in their jobs, Daigle was determined to find an “AI copilot for everyone.” He wanted an AI tool that could free employees across GitHub from tedious tasks and reignite their creative spark. As Daigle put it bluntly, “AI isn't novel, you are.”

GitHub's partnership with Moveworks provided the solution in the form of Octobot, an AI copilot that  eliminates the friction of getting help at work by giving employees a single place to find information and automate tasks across all enterprise systems. Octobot now handles 30% of the 5,000+ quarterly IT inquiries, giving the IT team back 25 hours per week for more strategic work. And customer satisfaction with IT hasn’t taken a hit — in fact, the team’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has soared from 85% to 98%.

Github COO Kyle Daigle presenting at 2024. Github COO Kyle Daigle presenting at 2024.

Energized by this early success, GitHub is piloting Moveworks' Knowledge Studio to enhance search and content discovery on their enterprise intranet for over 3,000 globally distributed employees. With Knowledge Studio, Octobot will be better able to comprehend queries and surface relevant answers, streamlining information access.

Another pilot with Moveworks’ Creator Studio integrates Octobot with Salesforce, with the goal of allowing GitHub’s GTM teams to quickly retrieve customer data via Slack instead of toggling between siloed apps.

Daigle emphasized that — with Moveworks — companies needn't have a comprehensive AI adoption strategy. At GitHub, they simply started piloting with willing early adopter teams. Already, they have 7 Moveworks pilots running with just 10% of employees onboard. His advice? Act now on AI, and implement solutions that blend into existing employee workflows, reducing the busy work so everyone can innovate.

How Moveworks empowers this game developer to build & deploy LLM apps at scale

Our attention then shifted to Arvind KC. KC, a tech industry veteran with over two decades of experience at renowned companies like Facebook, Google, Palantir, and now Roblox, shared his insights on the evolving landscape of enterprise technology. In his session, KC focused on three key stages that highlight this transformation: amplified humans, amplified teams, and augmented teams.

The first stage, which KC called “amplified humans,” centered around the rise of early technologies like Excel and ERP systems. These tools significantly boosted individual productivity, but as KC pointed out, collaboration remained a challenge. He reminisced about struggles with version control, a time when the best way to share a file seemed to be labeling it "version_latest_latest." This anecdote underscored the limitations of technology in facilitating seamless teamwork during that period.

Moving on to the “amplified teams” stage, KC highlighted the pivotal role of collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, and GitHub. These platforms transformed teamwork by making it significantly easier for people to work together. The key takeaway here, according to KC, wasn't just adopting new technology, but also reimagining workflows and investing in talent development to ensure they have the skills to use these tools effectively.

The final frontier, and the most exciting stage according to KC, is the era of “augmented teams.” Here, machines seamlessly integrate into human teams, offering reasoning, problem-solving, and even communication skills. 

KC provided compelling examples of AI like OpenDevin, Julius AI, and Moveworks to illustrate this point. He delved deeper into these technologies, showcasing how they go beyond mere assistance and actively collaborate with humans on complex tasks. Through real-world scenarios and detailed explanations, KC provided attendees with a strong understanding of the transformative potential that augmented teams hold.

Roblox's Arvind KC presenting at 2024. Roblox's Arvind KC presenting at 2024.

Throughout his talk, KC emphasized the importance for organizations to identify opportunities for AI application, embrace experimentation with new tools, and integrate these capabilities smoothly into existing workflows. He specifically touted platforms like Moveworks for our ability to empower teams in effectively leveraging large language model applications. By highlighting specific strategies and best practices, KC equipped attendees with actionable insights to navigate the evolving landscape of technology deployment.

In his closing remarks, KC left a thought-provoking message, urging the audience to prepare both on the human and technological sides for the transformative journey ahead in this new era of augmented teams. His relatable narrative and practical guidance set the stage for attendees to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration in the digital age.

Extending the Moveworks Copilot to every enterprise system

Since the launch of Creator Studio last April, we’ve seen customers extend the power of their Moveworks Copilot to their entire tech stack. At .global, Senior Product Marketing Manager Shane Swiderek emphasized that Creator Studio makes the capabilities of every enterprise application accessible to employees through intuitive, AI-powered interactions. In essence, it enables deploying AI solutions organization-wide.

Creator Studio supports building three main categories of conversational experiences:

  1. Queries: Data lookups like PTO balances, JIRA ticket statuses, Salesforce opportunity details, inventory levels, etc.
  2. Paths: Multi-step conversations for tasks like filing expense reports, troubleshooting technical issues, requesting sales discounts, etc. 
  3. Events: Proactive notifications to employees for items like service outages, new Salesforce opportunities, completed surveys, failed processes, deadlines, etc.

A key new enhancement highlighted by Swiderek is the Plugin Workspace, which allows building these multi-step workflows natively within Creator Studio — no separate iPaaS tool required. This tool streamlines the entire development experience.

Swiderek also highlighted Moveworks' collection of 140+ use case ideas to inspire teams with the art-of-the-possible and guide them in their project prioritization processes and templates that can be easily configured and built upon using Creator Studio's no-code/low-code tools.

To highlight Creator Studio's impact, the session turned to real-world examples from innovative customers like AkzoNobel and AbbVie, who have witnessed firsthand the power of unleashing AI's potential through custom conversational experiences.

Moveworks' Shane Swiderek presenting at 2024. Moveworks' Shane Swiderek presenting at 2024.

AkzoNobel uses AI to tap into scattered resources

The spotlight then turned to Malabika Mukherjee, Architect of Automation and Touchless at AkzoNobel, as she shared their successful Copilot implementation.

For her, a major priority was providing employees safe, convenient access to public data and capabilities like ChatGPT, without risking exposure of sensitive information that could be used to train external models. With many non-technical employees, AkzoNobel wanted to make a ChatGPT access incredibly simple by integrating it into their Moveworks Copilot called Xara.

Getting strong Copilot adoption can be challenging, but AkzoNobel succeeded brilliantly — notching 5,000 active Xara users in just the first day after launch, growing to 70% of their workforce as current active users. Key drivers of their adoption strategy included notifying employees via lock screen prompts, triggering Xara through the commonly used ServiceNow tool, providing hands-on support via a “firefighter team”, and instructional videos showcasing Xara's capabilities.

Part of what makes Xara so helpful is that the Copilot unlocks AkzoNobel's vast repository of marketing assets scattered across systems with its powerful enterprise search capabilities. By simply querying Xara, Creative, Sales, Marketing, and other teams can easily tap into and reuse great design work, preventing redundant efforts and ensuring these valuable assets don't languish in inaccessible knowledge graveyards.

Through thoughtful change management and an intuitive, capable Copilot experience, AkzoNobel has empowered employees to enhance productivity while maximizing return on their creative investments.

Malabika Mukherjee of AkzoNobel sharing her AI adoption strategies at 2024. Malabika Mukherjee of AkzoNobel sharing her AI adoption strategies at 2024.

AbbVie reimagines the future of work with AI

Sabina Kajtezovic, IT Director of Employee Experience at AbbVie, took the stage next to share the story of the Fortune 100 healthcare company's Moveworks Copilot — AVA.

As Kajtezovic shared, effortlessly chatting with AVA in any of 44 languages unlocks a world of instant answers, automated approvals, and a vast library of over 13,000 resources from FAQs and policies to legal docs and ServiceNow forms. AbbVie has said goodbye to fragmented searches across silos — AVA brings cross-functional support by unifying IT, HR, Sales, Finance, Legal, Facilities and more into one seamless experience.

The results Kajtezovic highlighted speak volumes: A remarkable 64% of inquiries now breeze through AVA's intelligent channels, translating to a massive 60,000+ hours of productivity regained across 76 countries.

But as Kajtezovic emphasized, AVA is just getting started. Continuous refinement fueled by user feedback and ROI analysis keeps the Copilot perpetually evolving. On the ambitious roadmap ahead? Integrating AVA with key systems like Microsoft 365 and SAP, plus over 250 potential new capabilities waiting in the wings.

Kajtezovic shared that AVA personifies AbbVie's commitment to optimizing operational efficiency hand-in-hand with an exceptional employee experience. This endlessly scalable and adaptable AI is poised to elevate enterprise productivity and unified cross-functional support to soaring new heights.

Moveworks' customers capturing the moment at 2024. Moveworks' customers capturing the moment at 2024.

Fireside chat: Bringing together AI solutions for better results

In the final session at, attendees were treated to an engaging fireside chat between Katy Brown, Microsoft's Vice President of Enterprise Sales, and Bhavin Shah, CEO of Moveworks. The two discussed their companies' new multi-year partnership to standardize the Moveworks platform on Microsoft Azure and deliver the latest generative AI products to joint customers.

Brown shared Microsoft's vision for the collaboration, expressing excitement about combining their complementary AI solutions to drive workplace transformation. She highlighted how major enterprises like Toyota, Equinix, and Coca-Cola Consolidated already benefit from using both companies' AI copilots together.

Looking ahead, Brown predicted the trend of complementary copilots will accelerate rapidly, with integrations between these AI-powered assistants becoming deeper and more intertwined to enhance how teams work and collaborate. She sees immense opportunity for Microsoft's and Moveworks' copilots to join forces in new ways to solve customer pain points. And she emphasized that, in this respect, Moveworks has a significant head start, having utilized large language models for years now to build genuinely helpful enterprise AI solutions. 

Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah sat down with Microsoft's Vice President of Enterprise Sales Katy Brown for an engaging fireside chat. Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah sat down with Microsoft's Vice President of Enterprise Sales Katy Brown for an engaging fireside chat.

On the critical topic of security for generative AI, Brown stressed this is Microsoft's top priority. She emphasized Microsoft's stringent practices and deep commitment to ensuring responsible, secure AI deployment. Shah added that our partnership with Microsoft allows Moveworks to innovate at the leading edge of what's possible with AI, while doing so in a secure, scalable, and reliable manner that meets the highest standards for enterprise deployment. 

The two leaders made clear that — rather than competing head-to-head —Moveworks and Microsoft are taking a complementary approach. Microsoft appears focused on expanding AI's impact into new fronts, while enabling our mature AI offerings to integrate seamlessly.

The future of work is AI-powered 2024 was a resounding success, underscoring how the most innovative organizations are strategically deploying generative AI to transform every aspect of their operations. From boosting employee productivity to streamlining processes and envisioning new ways of working, the insights shared by our esteemed speakers have inspired attendees to embrace the transformative power of AI.

As the curtain closes on this year's conference, one thing is clear — the future of work is AI-powered. Those who harness the adaptability and reasoning capabilities of the Moveworks Platform will be poised to lead their industries into the next era of business agility and continuous improvement. We can't wait to see what the Moveworks community accomplishes in the year ahead.

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