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Reflecting on 2023: Moveworks’ year in review

Margo Poda, Content Marketing Manager

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Life at a startup often feels like a 100-meter dash — head down, laser-focused on crossing the finish line. But every year, we need to pause, lift our gaze, and reflect on all that we've achieved. And let me tell you, 2023 was one for the record books at Moveworks.

Whether working to incorporate the latest tech into our platform, accelerating customer growth, or gaining major industry recognition — our team has much to be proud of. Today, I'll recap some of our biggest milestones, product launches, and announcements that made the last 12 months so monumental for us.

2023 was quite the year for Moveworks:

  • We hosted two flagship events, Moveworks Live and, bringing together our customers, partners, and employees.
  • We participated in over 100 industry events worldwide, including hosting 13 Moveworks.local meetups.
  • We surpassed 300 enterprise customers leveraging our conversational AI to transform support and employee experience.
  • We were named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for the first time and the Forbes AI 50 for the fifth consecutive year, validating our leadership in this space.
  • We unveiled our next-gen copilot and shipped numerous product updates and enhancements.
  • We introduced MoveLM™, our proprietary large language model architected specifically for enterprise AI use cases.

2023 set the stage for even bigger things as we continue our mission to transform the employee experience. So settle in and get ready for a fun retrospective as we recap Moveworks' phenomenal year! Whether you're a customer, partner, or just a tech and AI enthusiast — I think you'll enjoy the read.


What’s Moveworks been up to in 2023?

2023 was the year AI captured mainstream attention, fueled by ChatGPT's viral debut. As curiosity surged about generative AI's transformative potential, regulatory scrutiny and business investment intensified. Meanwhile, large language models like GPT-4 showed off impressive reasoning gains and quickly became part of our everyday lives.

Amidst the hype, Moveworks stayed focused on delivering measurable business impact. We leveraged our proprietary MoveLM™, architected for enterprise AI use cases across IT, HR, and more. With continued focus on our mission to provide employees with a user-friendly interface for self-service, we are poised to guide our customers into a new era of AI-powered business in 2024 and beyond.

Here are just a few key announcements that defined our standout 2023:


The spotlight events of 2023

In 2023, we hosted two major events that defined our year: Moveworks Live and These events provided platforms to share our latest innovations in conversational AI and connect with customers.

  • Moveworks Live was our inaugural general audience event attended by over 3,000 people. We unveiled our product roadmap, demoed new innovations, shared our AI copilot strategy, and outlined our vision for the future of enterprise AI. You can read the Moveworks Live recap or watch it on-demand if you missed it. 

    >> Pre-register for Moveworks Live 2024 now. 

  • brought together our global customers, including Salesforce, Unilever, Toyota, Hearst, and Honeywell. In keynotes and hands-on labs, these customers showcased how they use Moveworks to transform employee experiences with the power of AI. Check out our recap for all the details. 


The new releases that defined our year

2023 saw us significantly expand the power of our platform by launching enhancements to our product, including:

  • A next-generation copilot to search and take action across the enterprise: At, we gave customers a special preview of our bold vision for the future: our next-gen copilot. Powered by a suite of best-in-class large language models (LLMs) — including our proprietary MoveLM™ — our copilot gives employees one central place to turn to for help.

    Our next-gen copilot understands complex requests, leverages advanced reasoning to determine optimal solutions, and helps employees take action across enterprise systems in seconds. Crucially, we’ve integrated strict data controls and security and privacy certifications to reinforce trust in our platform.

  • Creator Studio for workflow automation: Creator Studio provides our customers with the tools they need to generate any conversational AI use case — without cumbersome scripting or decision trees. This radical approach to simplifying automation makes it fast for any team member to easily create customized AI workflows tailored to their unique needs.

    Companies like Toyota use Creator Studio to eliminate repetitive tasks by automating processes across platforms like Snowflake, Nexthink, and more. Whether automating HR payroll requests, surfacing legal documents, or accelerating engineering incident escalation, Creator Studio streamlines workflows across the enterprise. This ability to rapidly build and deploy automation across IT, HR, legal, finance, and other departments unlocks enormous productivity gains. 

  • Knowledge Studio for AI-powered content creation: Knowledge Studio leverages generative AI to instantly create customized, accurate knowledge articles on demand, eliminating the manual effort otherwise required to write and maintain help documentation.

While we also expanded our natural language analytics, multilingual support, and other capabilities of our platform, our next-gen copilot and Creator Studio took center stage as the most transformative releases that will define the future of work within our customers' organizations in 2024 and beyond.


The top awards and recognition we earned

2023 was a landmark year for Moveworks, as we were recognized as an industry leader across multiple award programs and events:

  • Prestigious industry awards confirm impact: Moveworks earned accolades from numerous award programs in 2023, including the AI Breakthrough Awards program's "Best Generative AI Platform Award" for our advanced natural language generation technology and an Edison Award for our innovative Employee Experience Intelligence (EXI) solution. Additionally, we were included in several lists, including the Forbes Cloud 100, the Forbes AI 50, and the Deloitte Fast 500.

  • Independent study validates ROI: A Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester validated the significant cost savings and productivity gains delivered by Moveworks' AI solutions.

    This study compiles the experiences of five rapidly growing companies that struggled with escalating support desk requests and increasing costs due to limited self-service options for employees. Focusing on Moveworks' solutions for IT and HR, the study revealed a 256% ROI over three years for a composite 30,000-employee organization.

  • Thought leadership at top events: Moveworks executives shared our vision and latest AI advancements at major industry events worldwide, including at the Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo, the Forrester Technology and Innovation Summit, and Slush 2023 in Helsinki. Across these events, we demonstrated our progress in developing advanced and trustworthy AI to transform enterprise support.


Our customers had major wins

In 2023, we expanded our customer base across industries and geographies, forging partnerships with leading global enterprises. Our platform delivered proven value, earning us a trusted place in our customers' digital transformation strategies. Notable customer wins include:

  • Toyota Motor North America: Toyota transformed its IT service experience by leveraging our conversational AI. Moveworks resolved nearly 70,000 issues in the past year, accelerating Toyota's service desk performance.

  • Mercari: The e-commerce marketplace app reduced IT ticket volume by 74% with Moveworks, enabling autonomous issue resolution at scale.

  • The Wonderful Company: Wonderful's new AI copilot, Wond-E, changed IT support, freeing staff for strategic work. 35% of employees now go to Wond-E first for IT help.

We also expanded deployments with current customers like Hearst, Power Design, Warner Music Group, Jamf, and the Albemarle Corporation

To strengthen these partnerships further in the years ahead, we launched our new Moveworks Help Center and Moveworks Community. Along with all the major customer wins we’ve announced this year, these innovations validate our solution's ability to drive ongoing ROI across the enterprise.


Expanding into new markets and partnerships

In 2023, we made significant strides in expanding into new markets:

  • Global cloud expansion: We expanded our global cloud footprint by launching new data centers in the EU and Canada, increasing our availability to support international customers and allowing us to meet regional compliance needs.

  • Public sector accessibility: We partnered with Carahsoft to make our platform accessible to government agencies. We are also on track to achieve FedRAMP Ready status in 2024, further enabling us to serve the public sector. Our conversational AI delivers unique benefits to improve government services and public sector experiences.

  • Joint webinars with Microsoft: We partnered with Microsoft to host two webinars focused on the future of conversational AI and how enterprises can benefit from LLMs today. Both of these webinars provided valuable insights into leveraging cutting-edge AI in a business environment.


Looking forward to 2024

As we reflect on an incredible 2023 for Moveworks, one thing is evident — this was a year of major growth that cemented our position as an enterprise AI leader.

Our innovations in generative AI and no-code automation set us apart, garnering attention from organizations looking to launch their own AI strategies. Our events, advances in multitask enterprise language models, global expansion, and industry recognition reflect our commitment to this space. Most importantly, our growing enterprise customer base motivates us to realize our mission of enabling organizations to leverage AI.

2023 set the stage for bigger things ahead. Entering 2024, we remain dedicated to guiding enterprises to adopt AI. And while we have bold plans to announce at Moveworks Live 2024, know that we’re always working to provide every employee with their own helpful, trustworthy AI copilot to increase productivity across the fragmented enterprise application ecosystem.

All that said, as 2023 came to a close, we couldn’t help but think of what made this past year truly special: the people who have supported our journey. Thank you to all our investors, customers, and partners. Without you, last year would not have been the same.

On behalf of all of us at Moveworks, best of luck in 2024!

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