89% of DocuSign uses a chatbot to get help. Here’s why…

To keep up with rapid growth, DocuSign needed an enterprise chatbot that would empower employees to easily self-service their own support.


Headquartered in San Francisco, DocuSign is the Agreement Cloud company that offers the #1 e-signature solution. The company allows organizations to prepare, sign, send, and manage agreements in a fully electronic format.

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Of DocuSign’s employees have used Moveworks AI


Scaling IT support alongside rapid headcount growth and global expansion



Moveworks has provided instant IT help to 89% of DocuSign employees

The Problem

DocuSign searched for a chatbot that would keep employees coming back

Since its IPO in 2018, DocuSign has continued to grow rapidly. Saran Mandair, Vice President of Global IT, realized that manually handling every support issue was no longer an option. To maintain white-glove support across multiple offices, countries, and time zones, he would need an automation solution that would empower employees to easily self-service their own support.

That said — as a rule, Mandair and his team are very considerate when rolling out new productivity tools. Like many companies, DocuSign is wary of IT sprawl: what happens when too many siloed applications create complications for the service desk and friction for end-users. When implementing another product, such as a chatbot, the team does so with the explicit purpose of simplifying the IT environment and improving the employee experience — not just adding to its complexity.

The Solution

Hearo — an enterprise chatbot — is the go-to for support at DocuSign

In February 2020, DocuSign launched its Moveworks chatbot. Known internally as Hearo, the AI-powered chatbot allows the company’s employees to self-service their IT issues straight on Slack — via natural conversation.

Since then, Hearo has fundamentally transformed the support process: The bot autonomously resolves thousands of all employee support issues a month, while routing other issues to the appropriate subject-matter expert. As the bot adds more features to its skillset, the chatbot’s performance continues to improve, encouraging employees to keep coming back. Instead of waiting days to get IT help, with the chatbot employees can get immediate, actionable solutions to many of their tech problems, from provisioning software to unlocking accounts.

DocuSign with Moveworks chat screen

We all came to DocuSign to do the work of our career. Moveworks provides the automation we need to focus on the challenging projects that matter.

Saran Mandair

Vice President of Global IT

The Result

89% of employees at DocuSign have used a chatbot to get help at work

Moveworks has played a critical role in solving the problem of IT sprawl by serving as the connective tissue for all the company’s software, knowledge, and resources. Because employees can converse with their chatbot, Hearo, using natural conversation, the bot has become a go-to for IT issues, making the whole ecosystem more accessible. 

In fact, while most employee-facing chatbots struggle to reach 10% adoption, 9 out of 10 DocuSign employees have already used Hearo for instant IT support. And crucially, Hearo delivers such simple and rapid support that many employees now prefer using the bot instead of asking for help from a service desk agent. 

Given the high-level of employee adoption, the next logical step for DocuSign is to look into new use cases for Hearo. Employees have become “so comfortable using the bot for IT” that they’ve begun to ask Hearo for help in other domains—like HR, sales, and finance—across the enterprise. That’s what’s coming next.


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