Autodesk HelpBot: Quick answers bring quick adoption

Autodesk Case Study
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“Employees don’t relate to a ticketing process anymore; they expect immediate results.”
Prakash Kota, CIO, Autodesk
Moveworks fully resolves an issue in 60 seconds or less, on average.

Service desk issues now resolved autonomously by Moveworks

Driving Adoption of Microsoft Teams

Immediate service, with no friction

Autodesk is in the business of making software so that its customers can make anything from skyscrapers to Hollywood films. Over the last five years, Autodesk has shifted to a SaaS model, and CIO Prakash Kota and his IT team are focused on delivering both a seamless customer experience and a seamless employee experience.

He says, “Whether you look at it externally, for Autodesk's customer experience, or internally, for the Autodesk employee experience, our focus is the same: give immediate service with no friction, so people can get their work done.”

Finding AI issue resolution that stays fluent in IT

Understanding employees' IT requests and learning from conversations

The team looked for a machine learning powered bot that could learn from its conversations and continue to resolve issues, even as employee usage changes.

Prakash Kota, CIO at Autodesk, says, “We needed to ensure that HelpBot would learn continually from its interaction with our employees and from our IT information sources. This was a strategic objective: ML had to be at the core of the tool.”

“With Moveworks continuously learning from the leading IT organizations, we knew we would steadily get more value.”
Prakash Kota, CIO of Autodesk

Quick deployment, instant resolution

Working with Moveworks over the course of a fast, 75-day deployment, Kota's team launched HelpBot, an AI bot—reachable in Slack and over email—that helps employees remedy issues with a median resolution time of less than one minute.

The Moveworks-hosted, Moveworks-managed HelpBot runs as an AI service that continuously learns from Autodesk’s workforce, tickets, and knowledge articles. Within a few weeks of launching HelpBot, the Autodesk service desk team saw 28% of issues resolved or accelerated by HelpBot.

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