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Average time for Moveworks to resolve IT issues

Moveworks is a quick win that a CIO can bring in to provide a frictionless user experience to their employees. Prakash Kota, CIO, Autodesk

The journey toward autonomous IT support

Autodesk is a growing software and services company in the business of making software so that its customers can make anything from skyscrapers to the visual effects in Hollywood films. Over the last five years, CIO Prakash Kota and his team have focused on delivering a seamless experience for Autodesk’s workforce of over 9,000 employees. But to scale rapid tech support as the company grows and expands globally, Kota recognized that AI and machine learning had become critical.

“Employees don’t relate to a ticketing process anymore; they expect immediate results,” Kota said. “With Moveworks continuously learning from leading IT organizations, we knew we would steadily get more value.”


Launching a bot fluent in IT

Working with Moveworks over the course of a fast, 75-day deployment, Kota's team launched HelpBot, an AI bot—reachable in Slack and over email—that helps employees remedy issues with a median resolution time of less than one minute. Very quickly, the Autodesk service desk team saw 28% of all IT issues resolved or accelerated by HelpBot.

“When your employees are already working in chat and they discover they can instantly talk with HelpBot there, it’s an easy leap for HelpBot to start helping fix issues they care about—changing passwords, updating email DLs, getting ticket updates. When people get what they need, fast, it quickly becomes the new habit,” says Kota.


  • Meeting expectations for real-time IT support at growing company
  • Lack of time to focus on critical digital transformation projects


  • Answers thousands of employee questions instantly with AI
  • Resolved IT issues autonomously to free up the IT team


Autodesk's Moveworks powered 'HelpBot' HelpBot


employees’ questions answered instantly per month


ticket interactions on HelpBot in Slack

Autodesk's Moveworks powered
Whether you look at it externally, for Autodesk's customer experience, or internally, for the Autodesk employee experience, our focus is the same: give immediate service with no friction, so people can get their work done. Prakash Kota, CIO, Autodesk

The IT team wins back time for important work

Along with the quest to make the employee experience seamless, the IT team set a goal to automate repetitive tasks. Once HelpBot began resolving issues, IT team members gained time to focus on more important projects. 

“We’re setting IT agents up for success because we’ve deployed a tool that handles their repetitive workload,” says Kota. He’s pleased to see that, “now, agents have more time to create tools, understand patterns, and augment backend systems, rather than resetting passwords one after another. Our plan is to have HelpBot continually address new use cases so that our adoption continues to grow and HelpBot continues to take on a greater share of the repetitive tasks, so teams like mine can focus on the important stuff.”

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