How Achieve won over its workplace with self-service IT

Achieve empowers its employees to self-service IT support on Slack with an AI-powered copilot.


Achieve is a leading digital personal finance company in the US, built to help people manage their debt and improve their financial outlook.

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Of password resets completely automated


Employees unable to find and use siloed support portals


Implemented a single point of contact for self-service support on Slack

The Problem

Achieve’s high-velocity workforce demands fast solutions

Achieve, formerly known as Freedom Financial, is known for its innovative approach to banking. For customers who have traditionally been underserved by the banking industry, the company provides services that help restore their financial health. CIO Mark Tonnesen brings the same commitment to innovation to the IT systems used by Achieve's employees, most recently by deploying Moveworks to resolve those employees’ IT issues instantly. 

Running a large customer service operation means lots of hiring and training new entrants to the workforce. This can be a challenge because these workers — many are digital natives fresh out of college — have high expectations for the tools they use, and little experience with traditional enterprise software. The answer Tonnesen’s team envisioned was a simple, intuitive chat interface for IT and business processes, powered by natural language understanding that translates employees’ requests to specific actions in enterprise tools.

The Solution

Movewokrs empowers employees to self-service support on Slack

Launched in March 2019, Moveworks is a copilot in Slack that allows employees to get instant IT help — without having to call the service desk or navigate to a portal. Known internally as Alfred, Moveworks uses advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to converse with Achieve’s employees just as they would to an IT agent. Alfred then determines the best resolution to their issues and delivers that resolution right there in Slack.

Tonnesen has realized massive time savings by empowering employees to reset passwords, get new software, add themselves to mailing lists, and more — all without leaving Slack.

“Moveworks elevates Slack from being just a communications tool to being a place where employees go to take actions in all kinds of enterprise systems,” Tonnesen said.

Freedom Financial with Moveworks chat screen

Moveworks takes the complexity out of IT support for our employees. Now they simply chat with a conversational bot in Slack to get their issues resolved and get work done.

Mark Tonnesen


The Result

Unlocking potential with self-service IT

Achieve is focused on unlocking people’s potential, both for its customers and for its employees. With Alfred, the IT team has delivered on this vision, unlocking the potential of employees by freeing up their time. Now, resolving tech issues is fast and automatic for employees. And for the IT team, the benefits have been equally liberating: IT agents have won back valuable time.

Tonnesen says that what his team has done for IT service delivery today is just the beginning. Next, he plans to automate delivery of HR, facilities, and finance services. Asked what he’d like to see in the Moveworks solution, he says, “Everything! I wish Moveworks would hire hundreds of engineers tomorrow and automate my HR and finance operations as they’ve enabled me to automate my IT operations.”


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