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Freedom Financial Case Study
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“Moveworks takes the complexity out of IT support for our employees. Now they simply chat with a conversational bot in Slack to get their issues resolved and get work done.”
Mark Tonnesen, CIO, Freedom Financial

of password resets resolved autonomously by Moveworks

"Moveworks elevates messaging platforms from being just communications tools to being a place where employees go to take actions."

- Mark Tonnesen, CIO, Freedom Financial

Simple solutions for a high-velocity workforce

Running a large customer service operation means Freedom Financial does lots of hiring and needs to make employees productive quickly. Complex IT portals and enterprise dashboards were getting in the way of that. CIO Mark Tonnesen says, “If we can give them an AI assistant that finds things for them, rather than making them learn to navigate more menus, we’re unlocking productivity.” Tonnesen's team chose the Moveworks platform to power Alfred, their conversational chatbot that understands employees’ requests and translates them into specific actions in enterprise tools.

Incremental deployment demonstrates value

To minimize risk, Freedom Financial rolled out Alfred’s capabilities incrementally. Tonnesen says, “My approach is always to start small, show success, and expand from there.” The team first rolled out email distribution list membership management, followed by password resets and question answering. System owners were able to see that the Alfred chatbot generated the same type of audit trail as service desk agents’ actions. Tonnesen says, “The Moveworks Customer Success team paced the feature deployments so that my team and other stakeholders could carefully review each capability before it went live.”

New capabilities, no learning curve

Employees simply describe their IT request in a Slack message to the Alfred bot, and Moveworks uses advanced NLU and conversational AI to understand the issue and deliver a resolution. Some of Alfred’s key capabilities that are winning over employees include instant password resets, adding people to mailing lists (DLs), getting access to software, getting answers to common questions, looking up coworkers’ contact details, and filing IT tickets directly from a Slack message.

“When you have a solution that can diagnose and resolve employees’ issues in just a few seconds, that really changes the game for IT support.”
Mark Tonnesen, CIO, Freedom Financial

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