Rambus streamlines IT support with machine learning-based triage

Rambus Case Study
"Moveworks stood out because they had such a strong team, a singular vision around enterprise IT, and best-in-class machine learning and AI capabilities."
Mark Grimse, VP of IT, Rambus

Accurate triage for IT tickets

of IT support tickets are now autonomously triaged using machine learning.

“You need some highly specialized triage models to accurately predict categorization and assignment fields for a small data set.”

—Mark Grimse, VP of IT

A tech company delivering data faster and safer

Recognizing the need for IT agility

Rambus Inc. is a diversified technology company, founded in 1990, that creates innovative hardware, software, and services that drive technology advancements from the data center to the mobile edge. Their architecture licenses, IP cores, chips, software, and services span memory and interfaces, security, and emerging technologies to positively impact the modern world. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Rambus has offices around the world, including a Global Services Desk located in Bangalore India. The company has an international workforce of about 900 employees.

Mark Grimse, VP of IT for Rambus, and his Global Services Desk (GSD) team faced an interesting challenge. “As the company transforms its product portfolio, IT has had to change what services it delivers, the method for delivering them and the speed at which it delivers,” says Grimse.

The challenge

Empowering a lean GSD team to react quickly

Grimse was looking for an immediate solution that would enable his team to meet an ambitious service-level agreement (SLA) that called for triaging new IT support tickets within 15 minutes. The solution had to show results quickly in an environment where nearly all employee-GSD interactions started with an email.

The GSD team's vision was to put in place the foundation for virtual agent technology and AI-powered issue resolution. The goals were to use machine learning-based triage to free agents from the repetitive task of routing tickets, and later to enable an AI-powered bot to make employee-agent interactions more efficient.

“With Moveworks, we are now using AI to automate IT, but we don’t have to hire any machine learning (ML) engineers, we don’t build any ML models, and we don’t have any ML system administrators.”
Mark Grimse, VP of IT

Finding an integrated ML/AI solution that delivered immediate results

Integrated with the ITSM system at Rambus, the Moveworks triage skill intercepts IT tickets within seconds and accurately predicts several key pieces of information—including ticket type, request type, business service, and assignment group—in order to route the ticket to the right agent. Thanks to these accurate predictions, the GSD team began to make big improvements in response times. According to Grimse, “When you consistently overachieve on your SLA numbers, it makes discussions with executives on more important issues easier because they can see via the metrics that this part of the business is being managed and managed well.”

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