Western Digital helped 65K employees adapt to remote work with AI

With AI for support teams, Western Digital’s help desk agents focus on transforming the support experience — not routine, button-clicking tasks.

Western Digital is an American computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it designs, manufactures, and sells data technology products, including storage devices, data center systems, and cloud storage services.

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Full-time help desk agents’ workload performed by Moveworks


Providing real-time IT support to about 65,000 employees without increasing the external help desk’s workload


Automated the equivalent of 25 help desk agents with an AI-powered support chatbot

The Problem

Western Digital wanted to empower its employees, no matter where they work

In an era defined by digital information, few companies are as synonymous with data as Western Digital. Decades after pioneering early floppy disks and calculator chips in the 1970s, the company has cemented its global leadership in data storage, powered by a workforce of roughly 65,000 employees. 

Like any company of similar size, Western Digital faced substantial obstacles on its path to better support its employees. A workforce spanning the entire world, for instance, means that urgent IT issues arise day and night, rendering real-time support a challenge. Ultimately, to set the gold standard for efficiency and experience in the workplace, investing in AI for its support team had become essential.

The Solution

Western Digital redefined the IT experience with AI for support teams

In April 2019, Western Digital officially launched the Moveworks AI chatbot — known to the company’s employees as DigiBot — on Microsoft Teams. Right away, Western Digital’s employees were able to self-service a wide range of IT issues in just seconds, straight on the Microsoft Teams collaboration hub, with no intervention from the help desk.

Before implementing AI for its support team, Western Digital’s IT agents were manually addressing about 60,000 IT tickets each month, but with the help of DigiBot, the company’s down to approximately 40,000 tickets and falling.

Now to get support, all employees need to do is describe their issue to DigiBot in natural language, just as they would to a help desk agent. Moveworks handles the rest: leveraging advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to determine what the employee wants, then triggering a back-end workflow to resolve the issue in real time. From accessing software to ordering hardware, answering troubleshooting questions to resetting an expired password, DigiBot turns frustrating IT problems into non-events.

WesternDigital with Moveworks chat screen

When we first evaluated Moveworks, we were immediately intrigued by the possibilities, and we set our goals high. Just two months after deploying the bot, we were able to reduce managed service support costs, while also improving the employee experience.

Todd Stewart

VP of Global Infrastructure of IT Operations

The Result

65K Western Digital employees transitioned to remote work overnight

Although AI had already proven to be a powerful force multiplier for Phillpott’s team before the COVID-19 outbreak, it was during the switch to remote work when DigiBot became indispensable. Faced with a massive uptick in demand for tech help, the team relied on Moveworks AI to answer employees’ questions and resolve their requests autonomously — freeing up time to focus on urgent infrastructure updates.

For employees, DigiBot on Teams was both an easier and a faster route to IT support during the transition to work-from-home. The number of active Moveworks users jumped by 180% in the first month of the COVID event, which signaled an enduring shift to DigiBot and away from the IT help desk walk-up bar. 

“Working from home means employees have to be more self-sufficient when they encounter tech issues because an IT person isn’t standing right beside them to help,” Todd Stewart, VP of Global Infrastructure of IT Operations, said. “That’s why our employees’ usage of Moveworks has skyrocketed since COVID-19 began. The bot provides the IT help they need, regardless of where they are and when they ask. That experience is quickly becoming our new normal.”

Thanks to the combination of human ingenuity and AI, Western Digital has redefined what success looks like for IT teams, allowing help desk agents to focus on work that matters, not busy work.

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