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AppDynamics powers Slack with AI to provide white-glove IT support



account unlocks handled autonomously

The bot brings big improvements in quality of life both for employees and the help desk team. Russ Harris, VP of Operations, AppDynamics

A fast-growing organization that counts on personalized IT help

AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring company that’s now part of Cisco and continuing to grow quickly. They’re not only the leader in the application performance management space, they’re also the fastest growing vendor in the space. This fast growth means Russ Harris and his IT team need to continue growing their global, white-glove IT service quickly while keeping costs in check. Harris’ team evaluated various AI solutions, but none had focused on achieving automated IT issue resolution like Moveworks. 

For Harris, having a natural language-capable bot was critical to supporting this growth. He said, “The bot is absolutely essential. New employees have to be productive in their first week, which requires fast onboarding and real-time support. That’s what AppDynobot gives us.”


Seamless implementation

In March 2019, Moveworks, in the form of AppDynoBot, was rolled out to all AppDynamics employees worldwide. Employees took to the bot quickly, and at the start, most focused on using AppDynoBot to find IT tickets. But employees quickly learned they could type a request in plain English and get results instantly, without needing to go through the steps to file a ticket, thanks to a combination of Moveworks’ natural language understanding (NLU) and conversational AI.

In addition to responding to employees via direct messages, it also monitors AppDynamics’ IT group channel in Slack. This channel is a forum where employees can get fast IT help thanks to the many participants. When AppDynoBot sees a request it can help with, it responds immediately in the group channel and starts a direct message conversation with the employee to resolve the issue.

“AppDynoBot’s natural language understanding means it can provide instant productivity improvements across the whole organization, from headquarters to our operations in Dallas, Bangalore, New York, and London,” commented Harris.


  • Maintaining white-glove IT service despite rapid growth
  • Onboarding new hires without increasing IT support resources


  • Able to provide instant, white-glove support with no agent involvement
  • Kept IT headcount flat while scaling the company


AppDynamics' Moveworks powered support-bot AppDynoBot AppDynoBot

Moveworks support-bot provides automated software access support


of IT issues resolved instantly by Moveworks


time to full deployment of AI platform

AppDynamics' Moveworks powered support-bot AppDynoBot
Our experience going live was very good. We were able to bring the entire environment up within 60 days once we had completed our initial proof-of-value analysis. Russ Harris, VP of Operations, AppDynamics

Fast onboarding thanks to AppDynoBot

Onboarding new hires is a key task for the IT team that, in the past, demanded many hours of the team’s time. AppDynoBot takes this work off agents’ plates by handling the account access and application provisioning tasks for new hires—without involving an agent. 

“We're growing at 30% a year, and new hires are under pressure to deliver from day one, so we strive to help them within the hour,” said Harris. “But maintaining this kind of white-glove support is expensive if you're forced to grow your help desk staff at the same rate as the rest of the company. With Moveworks, we can decouple IT headcount growth from the organization's overall growth.”

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