AppDynamics powers Slack with AI to provide white-glove IT support

AppDynamics Case Study
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“AppDynoBot is automatically resolving over 30% of employee issues, instantly, and we’ve been able to hold IT headcount flat while freeing up my team to work on bigger value-add work.”

Russ Harris, VP Operations, AppDynamics

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A fast-growing organization that counts on personalized IT help

AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring company that’s now part of Cisco. As the leader and fastest-growing vendor in the application performance management space, they count on VP of Operations, Russ Harris, and his IT team to grow their global, white-glove IT service while keeping costs in check. For Harris, a natural language-capable chatbot is critical: “The Moveworks bot is absolutely essential. New employees have to be productive in their first week, fast onboarding and IT service are the keys to that, and that’s what AppDynobot gives us.”

A laser-focus on the internal helpdesk

To handle the company's rapid growth, Harris and his team identified the top requirement: automating IT issue resolution. Harris wanted "a tool that would help us automatically resolve a high volume of issues, and allow helpdesk agents to move up the value chain to do more complex tasks." Harris’ team evaluated various AI solutions, but none had focused on achieving automated IT issue resolution like Moveworks. Harris says, "Frankly, I'm laser-focused on the internal helpdesk as a starting point. Get that right and then move on from there."

"With its IT focus, Moveworks has chosen the right strategy, unlike some of the catch-all AI toolkits, where you're just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks."
Russ Harris, VP Operations, AppDynamics

Fast onboarding thanks to AppDynoBot

Onboarding new hires is a key task for the IT team, and one that demands hours of agents’ time. AppDynoBot takes this work off agents’ plates by handling the account access and application provisioning tasks for new hires—without involving an agent. “We're growing at 30% a year, and new hires are under pressure to deliver from day one, so we strive to help them within the hour. Maintaining this kind of white-glove support is expensive if you're forced to grow your helpdesk staff at the same rate as the rest of the company. With Moveworks, we can decouple IT headcount growth from the organization's overall growth.” —Russ Harris, VP Operations, AppDynamics

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