Luminis Health reduced IT call volume by 25% in 2 weeks

Decreasing call volume directly reduces IT service costs and gives Luminis Health’s team time to update critical infrastructure.


Luminis Health is a not-for-profit health system that serves communities across central Maryland, from DC to Delaware.

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Average IT call wait time


Increasingly high call volume and wait times, blocking productivity            


Employees transitioned to self-service support, resulting in a 25% reduction in call volume just weeks after launching Moveworks.

The Problem

Luminis Health needed to move fast to provide the best healthcare

With a mission to enhance the health of the communities it serves, Luminis Health faced a challenge typical of healthcare: a tight budget. Andre Green, IT Director at Luminis Health, was familiar with this challenge, having led support teams at other leading healthcare facilities, including Johns Hopkins.

Currently responsible for providing IT support to over 9,000 staff members across two hospitals and 80 outpatient clinics, Green understood that — to make the most of the resources he had — he needed to invest in tools that could deliver high-quality service and speed up IT.

The Solution

Moveworks reimagines IT support at Luminis Health

In June 2022, Luminis Health deployed its Moveworks Copilot, known internally as Lumi. Lumi is an AI-powered copilot Microsoft Teams, Luminis Health’s messaging platform. The copilot has completely transformed how physicians get help: rather than waiting days, they now get answers in seconds.

Crucially, Moveworks understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to support. That’s why Lumi’s AI doesn’t just understand what users need; it automates every step of the support process, personalizing solutions to who is asking.

Powered by the Moveworks Reasoning Engine, Lumi breaks down physicians’ requests, maps them to solutions across Luminis Health’s entire digital infrastructure, and delivers relevant snippets of information. And because it’s learned the company’s unique org chart, every answer is personalized according to the user’s role, location, and security permissions.

Luminis Moveworks chat screen

Healthcare is one of the most complicated industries to serve. Everything is an emergency, and IT is the first line of defense. Moveworks made an immediate impact, dealing with issues in seconds, so my team has the time it needs to improve service delivery.

Andre Green

IT Director

The Result

25% reduction in IT call volume in 2 weeks with Moveworks

Perhaps Lumi’s greatest business impact is how it has sped up support across multiple support channels. With Moveworks, IT issues are resolved instantly, remotely, and often without agent intervention — all directly from a chat conversation. So there’s no need to pick up the phone.

As a result, call volume dropped dramatically in the first weeks of the Copilot going live at Luminis Health. Green has even been able to outsource night and weekend calls entirely to Lumi. Call volume isn’t the only KPI that’s dropped; for those who do require phone support, wait times are significantly shorter. Agents pick up calls in under 20 seconds because they’re available to help since Lumi is already taking care of the routine problems. Employees are getting the support they need, the moment they need it!

And the Copilot isn’t just helping employees. For the help desk, it’s freed up agents to concentrate on high-impact initiatives and shores up IT staff during the week, so if there’s an emergency, they can jump on it. Now, even as the company adds new people, systems, and tools, Moveworks provides a single interface for support — one that eliminates friction at every step of the process.


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